Faith-Based Investing Is No Longer In The Background

Increasingly, clients are concerned that their portfolios be aligned with their values. Faith-Based investing has a dual mandate to generate investment returns in a faithful manner. The number of values-based investment offerings from institutional quality managers has been on the rise in recent years and continues to grow.

In a webinar sponsored by Faith Investor Services, learn from two seasoned institutional investment professionals the best practices of faith-based investing. Bob Doll, CIO of Crossmark Global Investments and Tony Minopoli, CIO of Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors will discuss:

  • The Importance of discussing your client’s values impact on their investment plan.
  • Does faithful investing require sacrificing return or increasing risk?
  • The difference between negative screening, emphasizing good companies and corporate engagement.
  • Update on current state of the market and outlook for the remainder of 2022.

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