Faith & Retirement – Episode 23: Does a 60/40 Balanced Portfolio Still Make Sense?


Episode 23: Does a 60/40 Balanced Portfolio Still Make Sense?
In this week’s episode, Jay Peroni, CFP® discusses challenges women face in retirement planning. Retirement can look a little different for women than it does for men. Women still are more likely to serve as caretakers than men meaning they may accumulate less income and benefits due to their time absent from the workforce. Jay tackles practical steps women can take and ways they can properly prepare for retirement. Then Jay covers the old balanced 60/40 model. Do 60% stocks and 40% bonds still make sense in this environment? Later, Jay covers the U.S. debt situation. Has U.S. debt reached the point of no return? What will trigger a debt crisis? Then Jay looks at the latest headlines from Tractor Supply Company showing how conservative activists can influence the corporate culture. Don’t miss this amazing story; tune into this week’s episode!

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On this week’s episode, Jay checks in on the inflation watch. Is the Fed finally ready to cut rates? Jay weighs in on the Fed, inflation, and the upcoming Presidential election. Then Jay tackles the need for personalized advice as one approaches retirement.

Our Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) message is breaking through!  This movement is taking hold with Christian families.  How can you join the movement?  In this episode, Jay Peroni, CFP® shows you some simple steps to be a better steward.  Then Jay provides an update on the Christian Stock Fund ETF (PRAY) and why it’s different from most funds in the marketplace.

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