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How will the Middle East tensions impact your portfolio? On this week’s episode, Jay Peroni, CFP® tackles the latest headlines. How will the instability in the Middle East impact your portfolio?  Is now the time to get defensive? Inflation is still on the rise, Jay dives into what items are still going up and more importantly how you can create a plan to combat inflation.  Tune in to this week's episode for practical strategies on biblically responsible investing and retirement planning!

In this episode, Jay Peroni, CFP discusses what it means to invest from a Christian worldview.  He shows ways you can invest in companies that are aligned with your values (Biblically Responsible Investing).  He also covers how you can create a biblically sound legacy – leaving more to ministries and your loved ones.  How can you be a better steward with the wealth entrusted to you?  Tune in to this week’s episode!

In this episode, Jay Peroni, CFP highlights one of the greatest challenges facing today's retirees and pre-retirees - uncertain economic times and preventing life-changing market drawdowns. He shares some biblical wisdom on how to approach the markets.  What if you retired today, how do you protect and grow your assets, so you don't run out of money?  Jay tackles some specific strategies to help you make sure you have a solid plan to retire, and more importantly, stay retired!

In this episode, Jay Peroni, CFP covers why the source of your profits matters to God. He examines the ethical factors to consider when investing and highlights some of the bad activities that many of the largest corporations are embracing.  How do you avoid participating and profiting from these evil activities?  What can you as an investor do to make sure your profits are pure?

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